Wednesday, August 22, 2012


8/20/12-Rough day today. My step mom had to make a visit to the ER. Of course I worry when this happens, but I try to stay positive. She sleeps a lot and doesn't eat much so that worries me. I plan to visit tomorrow and take her some vitamins from my stash to try and get her immune system boosted for the Chemo. We are still waiting for the scan to see how to move forward. Really shouldn't that kind of stuff get done a little quicker? Ugh.

8/22/12-I had a great visit with my step mom yesterday. She seems to be doing really well outside of a cough that seems to be driving her a little nuts. It was good to see her and visit. I did share some ideas with her about boosting her immune system. At first she seemed open to it but later changed her mind. Really the choice is hers and there is nothing I can do about it. This has made me even more determined to continue making changes in my diet towards more organic choices and to do my best to educate as many as will hear me on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and our health. I am really feeling like this is becoming my mission in life. I just can't sit and watch people continue down this path to poor health and shortened life spans. There is a choice. The choice is literally life or death.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bad News

 My step mom was sick for a few weeks after a trip back home to Holland. It was taking forever to recover and finally she became very ill and was hospitalized. They found a spot on her lung. Pneumonia, TB or Cancer. They told her she had pneumonia and released her. More results, it's cancer. So now we wait. Another consult, stage 3. So now we wait again. Waiting to see if what they found in her lymph nodes, liver and throat is cancer. We wait.

 This is so difficult. Her and my dad are so positive right now and I am so happy for that. I refuse to cry when I talk to them, it's terrible I just have to get off the phone. I haven't seen her yet. I am definitely the kind of person who prefers to stuff my painful emotions so I don't know how it will go when I do see her.

 I must say I am pretty sick of cancer. I know, who isn't right. It's just been so much. Not just people I care about but friends losing family members all around me. I just can't stand it anymore!

I have my own opinion on the whole thing of course. I have learned so much over the years about food and our health and a little over a year ago I started a health & wellness business and have learned so much. Too much maybe but I am taking steps towards the best health I can have and I want DESPERATELY to share what I know with everyone. But who is really willing to hear and learn? Many I hope. My step mom, I hope....